Slava Krushkal


P. O. Box 400137
Dept. of Mathematics
321 Kerchof Hall

Research Areas
Geometric Topology

A counterexample to the strong version of Freedman's conjecture, Annals of Mathematics 168 (2008), 675-693. Preprint version: PDF document icon (.pdf)

Tutte chromatic identities from the Temperley-Lieb algebra, Geometry and Topology 13 (2009), 709-741 (with Paul Fendley). Preprint version: PDF document icon (.pdf)

Research Interests

Low-dimensional geometry and topology


  • Bachelor of Science (BS), Novosibirsk State University
  • Master of Science (MS), University of California, San Diego
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of California, San Diego

Research Projects

  • Low-dimensional topology and topological methods in condensed matter physics
    • Project sponsored by U.S. NSF - Directorate Math. & Physical Sciences
    • 07/01/2010 - 06/30/2013